Instant Request DJ Staff

DJ Phalin O

Phalin was born and raised in MN by a music loving family. Her family has always been very music oriented. Phalin’s mom played cello and her dad could pick up any instrument and learn to play it in hours. Phalin started playing violin at the age of 9, and fell in love with every genre. At an early age she began creating mix tapes with a boom box and cassette tapes staying up listening to the radio. Her friends would share them and ask her to play music at parties. This is how Phalin slowly started to DJ for all types of parties and events. Music has always played an instrumental role in her life. When not DJing Phalin works as a Social Media Manager for a local company. She loves spending time with her daughter and family, creating her podcast, and being creative. She loves to cook, knit, crotchet, draw, sew, and bake.

Phalin was everything we could have wanted! Our guests loved her and she kept the dance floor packed all night! We really appreciated Phalin’s willingness and eagerness to make the night about us. She was very personable and was perfect for us.  In our opinion, music makes or breaks the night. Some may not agree, but I believe you get what you pay for and we were happy we booked Instant Request. The cost was well worth the experience we had. We can’t say enough good things about Phalin and Instant Request! – Ashley and Edward  @ Majestic Oaks Golf Club